Aussie Coffee Shop Lets Customers Pay With Kisses


Metro St. James, a French style cafe in Sydney, is running a unique, sort of romantic/pretty creepy promotion for the month on June. When presented with their bill between the hours of 9 and 11am, customers who come in in pairs are given the option of paying for their coffee not with money, but by kissing one another.

“We’ll watch you. It has to be a real kiss, I can see if it’s a fake kiss,” the proprietor says in the promotional video as he hands over the coffees. First of all, what does he mean by “fake kiss”? (A kiss on the cheek? A stage kiss? A kiss that lacks TRUE passion?) And second, wouldn’t it be more interesting if he made the couples kiss after drinking the coffees just to show that they want it more?

Oh, God. Imagine what they’ll make people do for a free croissant.

Sydney Coffee Shop Lets Customers Pay for Coffee with Kisses [Grub Street]

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