Australian Doctor Sends 9,000 Texts to Tinder Fling After He Breaks Things Off

Australian Doctor Sends 9,000 Texts to Tinder Fling After He Breaks Things Off

Imagine meeting someone on Tinder. You go on four dates, you have sex a couple times. But shit happens, and it doesn’t work out. Do you A) Grumble to yourself a bit and move on or B) Send 9,000 threatening texts to the person who broke it off?

Let’s be clear, Option B is very bad. Your friends have told you not to do Option B. They insist that Option B will not bring him back; nor will it bring you any satisfaction or peace. But if you are Denise Jane Lee, a radiologist in Sydney, Australia, you’re not listening to your friends. Option B has taken over your mind.

According to the New York Post,

The doctor was accused of becoming obsessive and sending thousands of abusive, threatening texts and emails to Matthew Holberton, his new girlfriend and their relatives, according to the report.
Some of the alleged threats included: “Whatever you value most, I’ll target,” “I will make you pay,” and “You deserve everything you’re going to get,” according to the report.

To be clear, Lee and Holberton had a total of four dinner dates and two sexual encounters between July and September 2015, at which point Holberton ended things and moved to Melbourne. So unless Holberton moved specifically to get away from Lee, this was a move that was…planned? Presumably a move that she knew about? Or did he just vanish to Melbourne without telling her? Honestly, I don’t know Holberton, but I wouldn’t put it past him. And if that is what happened, that’s pretty bad. Not Option B bad—it’s literally never Option B bad—but definitely Option C* bad.

Lee was arrested in February 2017, and pleaded guilty to three counts of “using a carrier service to harass, menace or offend,” and one count of intimidation. Six additional charges were dropped.

*Option C is putting a hex on his penis, which is only bad if you believe in witchcraft.

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