Awesome Young Entrepreneurs Sell Ice Cream to Pay for College


Three young ladies banded together to create the most delicious college payoff plan yet.

In 2011, Lindsay, Taylor, and Steph decided to open up an ice cream truck in Connecticut, and to use the funds to help pay for their college tuitions — and to support education in their local community. Deemed College Creamery, it’s mainly shaved ice and ice cream bars for now. Those are the two most superior versions of frozen treats, and so I approve this message.

I’m curious about their initial financial output — since they’re using some of this money to pay for their own college expenses, they must’ve recouped their upfront investment, right? I don’t want to assume said investment came from their parents, but whatever the case, I’m still impressed. I spent my college summers…fuck, what did I do? I guess I just spent them slinging flan at Chevy’s and crying myself to sleep, so this appears infinitely more pleasant, productive, and delicious (although that flan wasn’t bad).

[Hoopla Ha]

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