Badass 50-Year-Old Lady Speed Skater Is Competing In Olympic Trials


It’s true; Jacki Munzel is a badass! Because at 50, anyone who is trying to make the Olympics, and doing pretty damn well at it, is a badass. That’s just scientific fact.

Munzel was like a lot of young children with Olympic dreams. She wanted to become a famous skater, and she trained for that starting at the age of 6. But the pressure of staying slender to compete resulted in an eating disorder which took her out of competition. Now, having tackled that challenge, Munzel is back and going after her dreams once again.

Munzel has competed in several races so far, and judging by her Facebook posts, she’s extremely proud of what she’s been able to accomplish at the event:

Today races are over
Goal was to have FUN!
Mission accomplished
And I wasn’t Last!
Happy Dance!!

Damn right, Jacki.

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