Badass "Cattoo" Artist Will Give You The Lil Bub Tattoo of Your Dreams


Meet Betty Rose, a badass tattoo artist and unabashedly proud cat lady who specializes in “Cattoos.”

The video is from The Sidekick Series, which focuses on adopted pets and their human companions. Betty Rose, a Brooklyn-based tattoo artist and cat lover, was featured on the last episode:

With Betty Rose, professional tattoo artist and major cat lover, it’s all about Cattoos — cat tattoos, that is. Shelter kitties have played a huge role in Betty’s life and her reverence for feline friends has subsequently made it into the lives and onto the skin of her impressive client list. Permanently. In this unique episode, learn more about The Cattoo through the eyes and ink of a tattoo artist and be inspired by her truly creative take on what it is to be a cat lover, and, cat lady.

Watch the video to see lots more of her Cattoos (and find out more about the cats that inspired her life’s work). For more on Betty Rose’s work, check out her website or you can relentlessly bug her with pictures of your own cats on Twitter.

Perhaps Betty Rose is on to something. When the Cat Overlords finally rise up to enslave us all, they will ultimately see her cattoos as a sign of devotion. Her skills will no doubt come in handy, as I’m sure the Cat Overlords will want to fill their golden palaces with many regal portraits of themselves. Perhaps she will be spared a lifetime of hard labor in the kitty litter mines.

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