Beauty 101: "I'd Like To Put Favorite Deodorants And Perfumes Up For Talkies"


This week’s Beauty 101 is focusing on scents: everything from dealing with body odor to making perfume last longer to finding fragrances that are appropriate for the office.

Though various Beauty 101 threads and by email, we’ve received requests for tips on how to deal with body odor and how to wear perfume without accidentally becoming known as Stinky McGee, overperfumer extraordinaire. Here are a few examples:

I’d like to put favorite deodorants and perfumes up for talkies. Basically anything that smells good or prevents rank. Dialogue_Dub mentioned bubblebaths — that, too!
anyone have recommendations for good sunscreens and/or bugsprays that don’t have a strong smell? i’m really sensitive to odors (they give me migraines, boo) and the bugs feast on me like there’s no tomorrow.
Does anyone have good, hardcore deodorant recommendations, preferrably cheap-ish and available in Canada? It’s my number one nemesis and seemingly unavoidable year round, but particularly in the summer. Humidity is not my friend.

And a roundup of questions that came in via various emails:

1. What’s the difference between anti-perspirant and deodorant? Do I need both?

2. How can I avoid pit stains? Is there a way to remove them from my clothing?

3. What’s a good routine to help me avoid unwanted body odor?

4. Where should I spray my perfume to make it last longer?

5. What’s the difference between the different types of perfumes?

6. What’s a good way to avoid over-perfuming? Are certain perfumes more work appropriate than others?

7. Any natural/organic recommendations?

Think you can help? Leave your tips and tricks in the comments below, or email them to me with “Perfume” in the subject line. A roundup of answers will be posted tomorrow.

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