Bennifer Spotted Making Out at the Gym 'Between Sets.' Ew

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Bennifer Spotted Making Out at the Gym 'Between Sets.' Ew
Image:Kevin Winter (Getty Images)

To borrow a line from a wise woman, it’s time for Bennifer to just take off their shirt and tell us if they are officially dating or not. The two were spotted together once again but this time, it was at a gym in Miami and they were “kissing between sets,” one witness told Us Weekly. Kissing. Between. Sets. I can see the whole thing playing out in my mind like a poorly directed rom-com they haven’t yet made.

It goes like this: The two of them in the weight area, Ben maxing out on some shoulder presses. J.Lo in an all-white coordinated workout ensemble with compression pants perfecting her Bulgarian split squats with dumbbells. They finish their set at the same time because they are that in sync with each other and instead of taking a water break, they break to swap spit and share a laugh over how beautiful and in shape they are. Then they return to their respective workouts only to come together once again after the next set to kiss once more, only this time sweatier.

I could honestly throw up on my keyboard now. It’s not that I don’t support these two getting their smooch on but perhaps there is a less sweaty, less germ-infested, less public place in which they can do that? Aren’t they rich enough to just have the gym come to them so normies don’t have to witness their displays of love and fitness? Or maybe they can go for a couple’s job around A-Rod’s house. [Us Weekly]

Memba that song “Eastside” from Halsey, Khalid, and Benny Blanco? The one that was very popular sometime in 2018? Well if you don’t, it’s fine because a band called American XO remembers the song quite vividly and is suing the threesome for what they believe was a direct rip-off of their song, “Loveless,” which was written in 2015. The plaintiffs claim that “Eastside” has “identical note dyads” and intervals as well as an incredibly similar beat. Also targeted in the lawsuit is Ed Sheeran, who is listed as a songwriter for “Eastside.” [TMZ]

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