Beverly Hills 90210 Is Back, Sort Of


The first teaser for the new Beverly Hills 90210 is here, and it’s got some awkward Tori Spelling shoulder dancing, Gabrielle Carteris smugly brandishing an egg, and Shannen Doherty putting on a pair of aviators looking like she just read the whole gang for filth. Obviously, this is excellent content, but the show isn’t exactly a reboot.

And though my colleague Julianne Escobedo Sheperd proposed an excellent-sounding gritty reimagining that finds Brandon Walsh and Emily Valentine caught in a kinky whirlwind of extasy and arson while I had hoped to find born again virgin Donna Martin now leading a Goopish wellness cult, our incredibly helpful suggestions were cruelly ignored. The new 90210 is actually a mise en abyme about fictionalized versions of the real-world cast trying to get a reboot of the show back on the air.

As perhaps the only person in America who watched and loved the short-lived So Notorious, starring Tori Spelling and Zachary Quinto, which applied the same fictionalized reality concept to Tori Spelling’s life, I’m tentatively looking forward to this take on the series. Especially since the new 90210 is executive produced by the guys behind So Notorious. If Loni Anderson is back as Candy Spelling and perhaps a successor to superstar pug Mimi La Rue is introduced, I’m 100 percent all in.

The series premieres August 7, which gives us plenty of time to make bets on how long it’ll take Shannen Doherty to leave due to creative differences and be replaced by Tiffani Amber Thiessen.

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