Beyoncé Loves Blue Ivy's Hair, So What's It to You?


There are people out there who hate Beyoncé’s daughter Blue Ivy’s wild, natural afro. And just as you’d suspect, these people are horrible.

According to Ebony, reporters who’ve interviewed Beyoncé recall her wish to wear her own hair just like it grows out of her head instead of the numerous wigs and weaves she usually sports. So maybe the singer’s chosen a different direction for her daughter? Writer Jamilah Lemieux muses on the matter:

I can’t help but to wonder if (aside from the EVERY SINGLE OTHER THING outside of writing essays) that ‘Yonce has bested me at, perhaps she’s also beating me at the “raising a free Black girl” goal I set for myself. I recall reading years ago in a Honey magazine that the singer wanted to go natural. She gushed about natural hair, something a colleague of mine who interviewed her for another publication also cites her as saying—-how badly she wanted natural hair.
Perhaps for someone whose livelihood is attached to wearing lacefronts and never leaving the house without being photographed, the idea of torturing little baby girl hair into submission is less appealing than it is to me. Especially considering that a toddler with a head full of gloriously kinky hair probably would rather play with mud or dolls or trucks or grannies or Grammy’s than sit through a laborious hair combing.

True, and while I hate to see an unkempt baby, I have to agree with Lemieux’s point. Instead of folks wondering, “When, oh WHEN, will Beyoncé comb that child’s hair?” maybe we should celebrate the fact that Beyoncé said fuck it and let Blue Ivy’s untamed curls be.

Image via “Blue” video

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