Beyoncé Takes Vacation Advice From Gwyneth, Rents $10K-Per-Night Airbnb Over Super Bowl Weekend


Beyoncé, like many of us, is an Airbnb user. This means those among us who are part of the sharing economy have at least one thing in common with her, which is a fun thing to consider. The similarities, however, begin and end with the name “Airbnb,” because Bey is not renting that quaint little lakeside home filled with dusty, secondhand furniture that smells sort of like a more mildewy version of your grandmother’s house. She is renting this $10,000-per-night “contemporary masterpiece” in the heart of Los Altos Hills:

The research team at TMZ beat both myself and Kate Dries (we’re usually pretty good at this) in tracking down the listing after Bey (and her mother) posted several photos from the stunning property on Sunday. She even shouted out the company by name in one image on Facebook, captioning it, “It was a Super weekend Airbnb” and tagging the company.

Bey’s Super Bowl pad is the second high-profile Airbnb rental story of the year—the first being the Puerto Vallarta villa that made Gwyneth Paltrow publicly exclaim, “@Airbnb who knew??”—and marks a continuation of what appears to be a new trend among Goop-adjacent A-listers looking for a relaxing weekend away. (Coldplay and Beyoncé’s joint Super Bowl performance meant there was a lot of Bey-Gwyn cross-pollination this weekend.)

Because this is what rich and famous people talk about, isn’t it? Their favorite places to stay when traveling the world? I can picture Gwyneth and Beyonce discussing the upcoming Super Bowl over dinner (“Chris really does miss seeing you.”) when it suddenly comes up. “Where are you and Shawn staying for the game? Don’t you dare say The Four Seasons.”

“Well, actually…”

“Yonce, no! Cancel it. I’m telling you, use Airbnb. It’s all these fabulous people who rent their fabulous homes out. Everyone uses it now—it’s very hip—and it’s just fabulous. Did you see The Holiday?”

“Was that the one where they switch houses at Christm—”

“Yes! And it’s so easy, just get your gals to cancel the hotel and have them talk to my Julia. You have Julia’s number right?”

“I think so.”

“Great. You’ll love it. I promise. Slay!”

“Ha. Yeah. Slay.”

“I bet you can even get them to put some hot sauce in the fridge! Like your new song!”

“I get it. I get it. That’s enough.”

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Images via Airbnb.

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