Beyoncé's Been Watching Videos About Feminism on YouTube (As One Does)

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Beyoncé is releasing a multi-part mini-documentary that goes behind the scenes of her record-breaking self-titled album because of course she is. THIS IS BEYONCE, YOU FOOLS. DID YOU EXPECT OTHERWISE.

In the second part, titled “Imperfection,” she discusses the meaning behind the visual album and explains the emphasis on trophies as a leitmotif:

The reality is, sometimes you lose, and you’re never too good to lose, you’re never too big to lose, you’re never too smart to lose. It happens… My message behind this album was finding the beauty in imperfection. I
have this image of this trophy and me accepting these awards and kind of
training myself to be this champion. And at the end of the day when you
go through all of these things, is it worth it? When you get this trophy, and you’re like, ‘I basically starved, I have
neglected all of the people I love, I’ve conformed to what everyone else
thinks of me, and I have that trophy. What does that mean?’

She adds that she was “was scrolling through videos of feminism on Youtube,” as one does, “and I ran across this video of this incredible Nigerian author, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Everything she said is exactly how I feel.” She goes on:

The trophy represents all of the sacrifices I’ve made as a kid, all of the time that I’ve lost being on the road, in the studios, as a child. I just want to blow that shit up. I have a lot of awards, and I have a lot of these things, and they’re amazing. I worked my ass off — I worked harder than probably everybody I know — to get those things. But nothing feels better than hearing my child say, ‘Mommy!’ Nothing feels like when I look my husband in the eye. Nothing feels like when I’m respected, when I get on the stage and I feel like I’m changing people’s lives. Those are the things that matter, and that’s what I’m striving for at this point in my life: growth, love, happiness, fun. Enjoy your life; it’s short.

Is anyone else crying? Okay; good, just checking. [E!]

Aaannd, while we are on the subject of trophies, Bey has become the first woman ever to hit No. 1 with her first five studio albums. [Billboard]

Pippa Middleton is engaged to her boyfriend Nico Jackson! He proposed to her during a romantic trip to India earlier this month, and everyone is very happy. Let us take this opportune moment to joke about how she has experience wearing white to a wedding. Okay, now that that’s out of the way — congratulations to them! [Us]

Your boyfriend Ryan Gosling and your boyfriend Ryan Gosling’s girlfriend Eva Mendes are reportedly taking a break in order to “reevaluate their relationship.” According to a source, “there was a realization before Thanksgiving that they took things way too
fast and were rushing toward a marriage that neither of them
particularly needed.” Um, what? What does that even mean? “Hey, Eva, I found this looming nuptial lying around the house — do you still need it, or…?” “Nah, Ryan, just toss it away like so much refuse.” [Radar]

  • Michael Jordan and his wife are expecting identical twins! [Bossip]
  • Dylan Penn, who is suddenly sort of famous because she had a lil romance with Robert Pattinson, signed onto a modeling campaign with Gap Outlet. Apparently Gap Outlet has its own separate ads? Who knew. Following the turbulent love life of Robert Pattinson will teach you something new every day. [E!]
  • Justin Bieber said that he was retiring from the music business (to pursue his dreams of becoming a famous graffiti artist? To become the sulky and ineffective young regent of a fantasy realm?) but it was a joke, so. [NY Daily News]
  • After filing for a divorce from Lamar Odom, Khloe Kardashian “stepped out” in a sweatshirt that read NOTHING WAS THE SAME and also Ugg boots. In other words, the best post-breakup outfit I’ve ever laid eyes upon. [NY Daily News]
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  • Here is a video of Macaulay Culkin eating a slice of pizza, in the style of Andy Warhol eating a hamburger. You’re very welcome. [Gossip Cop]
  • Niall from One Direction was spotted on a date with Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin and I cannot see the computer screen any more through my hot, bitter tears. [Gossip Cop]
  • In other One Direction news, Liam Payne and Boy George got into a fight on Twitter, kind of. I think the only appropriate response to this is “lol.” [Perez Hilton]
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  • Selena Gomez opened up about her friendship with Demi Lovato and it was lovely. FEMALE FRIENDSHIP FOREVER. [Perez Hilton]
  • Jason Segel will play David Foster Wallace in a biopic. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ [The Guardian]
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