Big Mean Jerk Yells at Cookie-Selling Girl Scout


Every year, intrepid Girl Scouts fan out across America, pitching anyone with pocket money on the virtues of their cookies. It’s pretty brave, especially when you consider that sales jobs are tough even for experienced adults.

Which makes this story from Fox 5 San Diego, about a man screaming at a Girl Scout selling cookies outside of a grocery store, all the more horrifying and infuriating:

“I said, ‘Would you like to buy cookies?’ He said, ‘No, I don’t want to buy them,'” said Baldan, adding the man turned on her and began to yell.
“He said ‘She looks like a hooker!'” said Cindy’s mother, Melissa Baldan.

For the record, the kid was wearing leggings and her Girl Scout vest. (Not that it matters!) According to another report, from 10News, “The Baldans say the man went on a tirade for several minutes, spewing profanities and expressing his opinion on the Girl Scout’s ‘corrupt organization.'”

“We were both crying,” her mom told Fox 5. “I was trying to console her and random strangers that saw it were trying to comfort my daughter.” Of course they were! How could you not want to comfort a crying, traumatized Girl Scout?

Nor is this the only local news report about strangers bothering Girl Scouts. Here’s a story about someone stealing a Girl Scout’s cellphone while she sold cookies outside a Winn-Dixie. Here’s another story about stolen cookie cash. And in this report from Texas’s KMID 2, a Girl Scout parent complains about being confronted by anti-choicers, one of them got up in her 8-year-old daughter’s face about abortion.

Just to be clear: If you harass cookie-selling Girl Scouts, you are probably puppy-kicking terrible.

Photo via AP Images.

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