Blockbuster 'Bitch, I'm Madonna' Video Has Boobs, Bubbles & Beyoncé


With her new video for “Bitch, I’m Madonna,” Madonna continues the gratuitous celebrity cameo wars begun by one Taylor Swift.

In true Madonna fashion, this video for her boisterous club track (it premiered exclusively on Tidal) features lots of hyped randomness, debauchery and snapshots of famous people like Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Diplo, Chris Rock and Rita Ora.

Madonna loves a party and everyone will undoubtedly make a “this video has everything” joke because it absolutely applies here.

It starts with a chorus of lip-syncing girls rocking all-white and gold crosses. Darlings in this sacrilegious world.

And here’s their queen Madonna on a swing in a leopard mini.

Wouldn’t be a true jamboree without a random stranger tongue-down, really.

Looks like Madonna is ready to join the adult baby gang. Sup.

They either are or aren’t playing patty-cake. Who doesn’t love a good game of that.

This is exactly what I do at the club.

Classic Madonna, right?

Madonna is wearing grills in the classic adult baby stance.

Two very famous people in the Madonna video.

I was just saying that Madonna’s last video was missing glow-in-the-dark hand puppets so I’m glad they added this.

Madonna shoves a drink in a dude’s mouth.

Everyone’s yelling “Bitch, I’m Madonna,” as if they’re Madonna. But the thing is: they’re not!

Diplo is on top of a bar.

Beyoncé is definitely not Madonna and somehow manages to make this video look like her own Loreal spot.

No one can tell Katy Perry to turn down.



Nicki Minaj also appears in this video.

But is she in it, really?

The final red-lit scene.

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