Blogger Annoyed By Drunk, Pole-Dancing, Workaholic Women Writers


Blogger Debra Dickerson is tired of young feminists talking about the present and future state of abortion rights as if they actually care about them.

Dickerson, who once denied Barack Obama the right to describe himself as black, says, in her blog on MotherJones:

Today’s feminists need to blog less and work more. If women want reproductive choice to remain more than rhetoric, they’d better stop assuming these clinics will be there when they need them.

Apparently, we should also stop appreciating irony, like when a blogger tells other bloggers to stop writing so much.

But wait: Debra has a plan.

But you young chicks maybe need to go the Northern Exposure route, sending folks to med school in exchange for a few years running an abortion clinic.

Question: Who exactly is she talking about? Perhaps this will clear up the confusion!

Pole-dancing, walking around half-naked, posting drunk photos on Facebook, and blogging about your sex lives ain’t exactly what we previous generations thought feminism was. We thought it was about taking it to the streets.

Yes, critiquing the feminist “cred” of other women is exactly like taking it to the streets. (I’m sure Debra was the only feminist currently writing on the web today who was on the Mall in 2004, handing out tens of thousands of stickers for NARAL during the March for Women’s Lives.)

She adds:

Tell me exactly what today’s feminists are doing for the struggle. Besides posting disses against old chicks like me. You got that covered.

Okay, Debra: Shall we start here?

The Future Of Abortion Providers [MotherJones]
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[Picture via MotherJones]

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