Breast Cancer Foundation's Hot Pink Party: Aren't They Pretty In Pink? (Aren't They?!)


Doesn’t it seem like the 2010 Breast Cancer Research Foundation’s Hot Pink Party would be one event with a no-brainer dress-code for the stars and philanthropists at New York’s Waldorf-Astoria? Think pink, right? Not always…

Kinda love how Jackie Collins Liz Hurley’s going with this azalea number. In fact, I’d recommend that she pursue this direction, aggressively.

Marcia Gay Harden opts for salmon.

Diane Neal, as lovely in mufti as an ADA.

And while this can hardly be called “hot pink,” I love how Hilary Rhoda‘s playing with blush and nudes. I have a friend who despises nude shoes. She recently described them to me as “hideous and mumsy.” But then, she’s tall. On the other hand, so’s Hilary Rhoda.

I’m sorry, Denise Rich, but this is kind of a cop-out. Like when I went to the Corduroy Club and for my obligatory second piece of wale, made a little tan-cord boutonniere.

And Karina Smirnoff may look chic in an LBD, but normally she seems to relish the chance to splash out! Maybe she was double-dipping that evening?

And I mean, Aerin Lauder‘s retro frock is lovely, but if you were one of the ladies who’d splashed out on a bright-pink dress, wouldn’t you be kind of resentful?

Especially them.

And I’d hate to risk the stink-eye from chair Evelyn Lauder.

That said, somehow Johnny Weir still manages to convey sufficient festivity for the cause! Surely even Mrs. L approves.

[Images via Getty.]

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