British Style Supremacy Reigns At Net-A-Porter


When it’s good, Brit style is so very, very good: whimsical and daring and polished in equal measure. So is it any wonder that the fashionista-studded Net-A-Porter 10th Birthday Party at London’s Westfield was a style bonanza? (Okay, with kneesocks…)

Jacquetta Wheeler makes the short-short/flat sandals/unstructured jacket thing look effortless. (It’s not!)

Besides having among the best last names ever, Alice Beer does a nice take on toned-down metallics.

Okay, I friggin’ love Sophie Ellis-Bextor AND her style and my British friends give me all kinds of flack for it, so…yeah. Save it. And I also like mumsy 70s-inflected florals! Defiance!

Amber Le Bon’s dress is like a curtain rising on a really hokey show. Did I ever tell you about the time I was working in a restaurant and “Rio” was playing and this crazy lady came in and backed me into a corner and told me that the Le Bon family were all devil worshipers and Duran Duran’s music was disseminating sinister evil messages to the world, and needed to be stopped?

Ben Grimes looks sullen. I would be too, if I’d been demoted to flight attendant on the Starship: Enterprise.

What a coincidence! We just received a press release in our inbox informing us that “celebrities just can’t get enough off their military inspired cargo skinnys!” . And here’s Poppy Delavigne to prove it!

Now we’re talkin’: Alice Temperley, Laura Bailey and Jade Parfitt: all somewhat absurd, and yet completely awesome.

I did warn you there would be kneesocks. Maybe Gemma Arterton‘s going to play an impromptu game of footie?

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