Brock Turner's Home Is Being Staked Out By Armed Protesters


After three terrible steak-less months, convicted sex offender Brock Turner was released from jail and allowed to repair to his parents’ Ohio home. But just because the law smiled upon a man who assaulted an unconscious woman behind a dumpster doesn’t mean this group of angry, armed protesters will do the same.

Turner, who was released on Friday, was greeted in Sugarcreek Township by around a dozen angry protesters wielding menacing signs and, in some cases, weapons.

“He’s not going to live some happy pleasant life,” one protester told WCPO-TV. “We’re going to never let him forget what he did.”

“If he is uncomfortable then he begins to receive at least some punishment that he deserves for his crime,” said another.

Having arrived home, Turner has five days to register with authorities as a sex offender, a designation for which he must re-register every 90 days. Notifications saying as much will be sent to neighbors. Turner will also serve three years probation.

But dealing with authorities might be less cumbersome than dealing with the citizen vigilantes making it their business to enforce Turner’s discomfort.

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