Can This Man Just Leave Demi Lovato Alone?

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Can This Man Just Leave Demi Lovato Alone?
Image: LISA O’CONNOR/AFP (Getty Images)

Listen, I’m not entirely sure what did or did not transpire between Max Ehrich and Demi Lovato but what I do know is that since their quarantine engagement ended, Max has been acting out in a way that I don’t love.

Apparently Ehrich hopped on Instagram Live Thursday night to say more stuff about the dissolution of his brief relationship, this time choosing to drag Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande’s relationship into the mix for reasons unbeknownst. “No one deserves to feel this way,” he said, reporting live from a windowless bathroom. “Pete Davidson didn’t deserve to feel this way. You think he wrote that text to Mac Miller? Open your eyes. Calculated PR stunt.”

So Ehrich, who was a self-identified Selenator for years before engaging himself to Demi and who is also a soap opera actor, is now running lines like he’s the star of a mediocre Lifetime drama, accusing Demi of orchestrating a PR stunt to promote new music? I want to say that this is his backhanded way of doing PR for himself (clearly, it is), but I cannot parse what else he could be promoting other than just himself. I guess that’s enough In These Times, but also, I’m sorry, it’s not? We should expect more from our C-list famouses, and reject these half-assed attempts at maintaining relevancy. From what I can tell, there’s nothing for Ehrich to promote, so why doesn’t he just hop on OnlyFans and show some freakin’ bod, instead? [Just Jared]

I’ve forgotten about the latest season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians because there are only so many things my brain can hold at once, but I’d like to address Scott Disick facing the cold realities of entering your late 30s for maybe two minutes, max.

This season of the show forces those who watch to relive the terror and boredom that was the first round of quarantine, but apparently the Lord Disick, who is 37, was nervous that his exhaustion was coronavirus. He lacked the energy to chase around his children or his then-girlfriend, Sofia Richie, who is not a child per se, but…. In any case! It seems Scott went to the doctor, got tested for a bunch of stuff, and it turns out that he has low testosterone. That is unfortunate. However, Scotty also acknowledged that the years and years he spent doing every drug he could find and drinking a lot and shoving dollar bills into the mouths of waiters at restaurants has taken a toll on his bod.

Now, a message from me: Scott, as a woman enjoying the last day of her 37th year, I’d like to grab you by the mushy shoulders, look deep into your eyes, and scream-whisper, “YOU SEEM OKAY AND I WISH YOUR FAMILY WASN’T ON TV SO MUCH, BUT YOU ARE LYING TO YOURSELF IF YOU THINK THAT ANY OF THE SHIT YOU’RE FEELING IS ANYTHING OTHER THAN THE MOUNTING DREAD THAT SETTLES INTO THE BONES THE CLOSER YOU GET TO 40, WELL, SORRY BUB, LIFE’S A BITCH!”

Drink some water, Disick. Get a multi-vitamin. You’ll be okay. [People]

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