Caster Semenya Wins "Third World War" • Swimming Pools Closed Because Of Fecal Matter


Caster Semenya could return to races in less than a month, according to South Africa‘s sports minister. Last September, Makhenkesi Stofile declared there would be a “third World War” if Semenya was kept from competing because of her sex.

Now, Stofile says the “third World War that we declared has been won. There has been a war for the last five months and we won 99 percent of the issues.” He also expresses his joy that scientists have come to an agreement about what should be done about Semenya, and says they will announce their decision in due course. • Ken Stopkotte and Michael Saltzstein, two veteran swimming officials, claim that they have been discriminated against for speaking out about the sexual harassment among the USA Swimming coaches. They filed a suit against USA Swimming, accusing the organization of not properly protecting their members from harassment. Now both Stopkotte and Saltzstein believe they are being punished for their whistle-blowing. • According to a new study, Asian moms, be they newly pregnant or mothers of teens, spend an average of 17 hours a week online and are very likely to make purchases over the internet. The web-savvy moms are also far more cynical of marketing techniques, which makes them less likely to be swayed by bad ads and false advertising. • Officials have warned soccer fans about the potential 40,000 sex worker that may flock to South Africa to take advantage of the booming city. Unfortunately, South Africa has done little to protect the lives of sex workers who are already in the country. Several prostitutes express their fear that they will be in danger once the World Cup begins, but they also reassert their desire to get a “piece of the pie.” • Constance McMillen, the lesbian teenager who became famous when her homophobic Mississippi high school canceled prom, has officially transferred to another, hopefully more accepting, school. She has not revealed which school she now attends, but she has told press that she plans to graduate on June 2nd. • Women in Uruguay are slowly becoming comfortable with the idea of sex toys, Yahoo News reports. Business is booming for La Maleta Roja (the Red Suitcase), a sex toy franchise that organizes Tupperware-style parties for women in their homes. • According to the CDC, one in eight public swimming pools were closed after inspection. And it’s not simply a matter of kids peeing in the pool — turns out they’re crapping in them, too, if the fecal matter scientists found is any measure. Which it is.

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