Catholic Bishops Might Ice Out Biden From Receiving Communion Because He's Pro-Abortion

Catholic Bishops Might Ice Out Biden From Receiving Communion Because He's Pro-Abortion
Image:Tasos Katopodis (Getty Images)

The Lord be with you, and also with Joe Biden who is potentially facing a sternly worded letter from bishops across the US. The AP reports that when Catholic bishops meet in June, they’ll have a rather odd item on their agenda: “deciding whether to send a tougher-than-ever message” to President Biden (and other Catholic politicians) by forcing them to stop taking communion if they are even moderately pro-abortion. The Catholic church believes that life begins at conception, so abortion at any stage is against their interpretation of God’s will—as is contraception, even for married people, which is why the fictional Catholic Elliot Stabler has five children on a cop’s salary.

Because of the hierarchy of current Catholic leadership, Biden cannot be refused communion. That means, even if the group of bishops agrees to this sanction, it will be up to the bishops who oversee individual parishes to decide if they want to carry on refusing communion to any of the devout who also believe in abortion rights.

Holy Communion is a pillar of the Catholic faith, one of the sacraments every Catholic is expected to undertake; the Church would be going against its own teachings were they to take this route. While the stance on abortion isn’t anything new, the sudden tonal shift to ensure that only the pure are taking part in the chewing of wafers is a bit alarming. But as is the usual case with the Catholic church one need only follow the money trail to find the answers they seek. As a theology professor at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago explained to the AP, “the Catholic church received significant financial support in recent years from conservative philanthropists,” a group who are not on board with the Pope’s less than strictly conservative messaging. Regardless, all eyes will be on the Vatican in June and whether it plans to intervene in the malicious letter sending of US bishops.

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