Charles Eames Marriage Proposal to Ray Is Maybe the Sweetest Ever


Charles and Ray Eames, the visionary couple behind the chair you’re currently sitting in, also have a pretty fantastic love story.

Brainpickings has their hot little hands on a copy on Charles’ proposal letter to Ray, and it’s goddammed heartwarming. We should all probably print it out and use it to propose to someone tonight — deal??

Dear Miss Kaiser,
I am 34 (almost) years old, singel (again) and broke. I love you very much and would like to marry you very very soon.* I cannot promise to support us very well. — but if given the chance I’ll shure in hell try –
*soon means very soon.
What is the size of this finger??
as soon as I get to that hospital I will write “neams” well little ones.
love xxxxxxxxxx

I know “sigh” is overused, but SIGH.


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