Cheeky Queen 'Photobombs' Candid Photos


Queen Elizabeth, the English-speaking world’s poker-faced great great aunt, has spent much of her life participating in painstakingly staged photo ops. Ergo, it’s pretty tough to catch her in a candid moment. But smartphones are changing that—witness today’s grinning appearance on Instagram.

Her majesty is currently in Scotland for the Commonwealth Games, a gathering of athletes from around the onetime empire. As she made her rounds, BuzzFeed reports, Aussie hockey player Jayde Taylor seized her opportunity to capture a “photobomb” by the Queen, complete with oh-you-young-ladies-and-your-sports-are-just-grand smile:

Quick, somebody slap Sovereign of Selfie-Stealing onto her official titles!

Of course, as Gawker alum Neetzan Zimmerman points out, it’s not really a photobomb, since they clearly angled the camera specifically to get a shot with the queen. (For a truer royal photobomb, watch this BBC footage, in which she drifts into the background of a newscast, flustering the anchors.) Here’s the shot from another vantage:

But the queen clearly getting the hang of this celebrity selfies thing. Bonus points to Ms. Taylor for the SOON factor of her photo. When Elz gets out of that cage there’s gonna be hell to pay, and you better pray she doesn’t catch you pinching her nuts.

Photo via Getty.

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