Chic Overload At British Fashion Awards


The British Fashion Awards were such an amazing mix of weird and chic and high fashion and train-wreck and Daphne Guinness that you’re just going to have to see them for yourselves!

Surprise, surprise: Alexa Chung looks completely, effortlessly, quirkily adorable.

The coat-free version.

Thandie Newton skews a little summery, but looks stunning.

For the “eccentric 1930s bohemian patroness of the arts” award: Roksanda Ilincic.

It’s like Claudia Schiffer is trying to shed this hideous carapace to reveal a simple frock underneath.

Like, say, Lara Stone‘s.

Always happy to see the sure-footed Emma Roberts, and good to see her taking more risks. We don’t have to love it into the bargain.

Jade Parfitt makes simplicity into something special.

I love 40s overalls — like, a lot — but the frilly blouse does take Charlotte Delal’s iteration in a Minnie direction.

Don’t you just want to live in Daphne Guiness‘ head for a few minutes? It must be like The Wizards of Oz in a K-hole 24/7.

Lily Cole goes gently gothic to match her newly-dark tresses.

Everything about Erin O’Connor‘s retro number is hard to pull off. Yet, the effect is undeniably cool!

When your gown gets caught in a car door, Singin’ in the Rain-style, this is how you brazen it out.

Daisy Lowe demonstrates the anti-sexyface…the Zombie Face.

…and then, there’s Kristina Rhianoff.

[Images via Getty]

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