Chicago Gay Bars Seek To End A Scourge


Some Chicago-area gay bars are prohibiting entry to bachelorette parties after complaints that, in a post-Prop. 8 world, it felt like the breeders were rubbing patrons’ faces in their weddings. There are other good reasons.

Like the fact that on, this 6″ inflatable penis is sold out. Says the listing:

Every bachelorette party should have a six foot tall inflatable penis. In fact, I see more and more of these inflatable penises at the bars and clubs I go to.

Quoth Dodai:

Sad, sad day in America!

The bachelorette party, part and parcel of the Wedding Industrial Complex, has become an extension of the idea that everything is all about You The Bride, and it doesn’t matter who you harm or how obnoxious you get in your celebration of winning the ultimate prize of all womanhood: a groom.

Accented with cheap veils, T-shirts, sashes or buttons announcing their status (sometimes all three!), penis paraphernalia and a shitload of booze, marauding bachelorette parties make every effort to command attention at the establishments they choose to gift with their presence and blow-up cocks. The brides-to-be are supposed to give into the worst urges they’re told they have is “misbehave” like men supposedly do, as they’re soon to give up drinking, fun times with girl friends and general inappropriate behavior for a marriage spent in quiet, sober contemplation catering to their husbands’ needs. Obviously, this requires the application of dildos, pawing gay men trying to have a good time (and/or hook up with other gay men) and generally behaving in a way that would be embarrassing to everyone if they weren’t already wearing tacky veils, tiaras, beauty pageant sashes and sipping out of penis straws.

Basically, I think those bars have found a very tiny silver lining in a very ugly, black Prop 8 cloud by using it to ban bachelorette parties for being an affront to those who are regularly discriminated against. Now if we can only get them banned for being an affront to good taste, common sense and modern womanhood, I’d be satisfied.

Gay Rights Battle Puts Strain On Parties [Chicago Tribune]

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