Christina Aguilera "Has Love" For Boyfriend, Denies She Cheated

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  • In an interview with People, Christina Aguilera says of her new boyfriend Matthew Rutler, “there’s a love there.” However, she insists they didn’t start dating until she filed for divorce six weeks ago.
  • “I’m not trying to jump into anything. I just left a five-year marriage. I’m taking it slow and trying to be happy,” she says. “I’m having fun, I’m dating and it’s something I haven’t had in a really long time.” [Radar]
  • To corroborate his claim that Jason Trawick beats Britney Spears, her ex-husband Jason Alexander has release recorded phone calls in which she allegedly says, “My dad has a shotgun and he’s just waiting to use it.” [Radar, Radar]
  • One of Britney‘s co-conservators says the audio is fake and, “Every aspect of the story published by Star Magazine is completely and utterly false.” You can take a listen for yourself, but it really doesn’t sound like Britney. [TMZ]
  • Britney‘s rep says she hasn’t talked to Alexander in years and the recordings are, “so obviously fake as to be laughable.” [TMZ]
  • Wesley Snipes has been ordered to voluntarily surrender at a federal prison in Pennsylvania next week to begin his three-year sentence for tax evasion. [AP]
  • Gabriel Aubry was in a car accident yesterday but was unharmed. We’re supposed to care that Halle Berry‘s assistant picked him up. [TMZ]
  • Billboard is giving Lea Michele a “triple threat” award at its annual “Women In Music” luncheon, even though she isn’t planning to put out a non-Glee album. [AP]
  • Kanye West showed up unexpectedly at a charity event to wrap presents for foster kids and didn’t do anything ridiculous. [ONTD]
  • James Franco is in talks to do Sweet Bird of Youth on Broadway next year, but surely nothing about his career can shock you now. [Showbiz 411]
  • Alexis Niers was arrested today for a probation violation after police found heroin and a fake license in her home. In her new mug shot she’s wearing a shirt that says “Free Bird.” [TMZ]
  • BREAKING: Jon Gosselin has gotten a job. He’s working in the technology field, like he did before becoming a professional fame whore. [E!]
  • Meanwhile, Kate Gosselin said on the Today show that her kids weren’t expelled from school, she and the administrators mutually agreed to temporarily yank them from school. [E!]
  • In a radio interview Jessica Simpson said she hasn’t spoken to Nick Lachey in five years, but “I definitely wish him well and him and Vanessa are perfect together.” [Radar]
  • In case you were fooled by the rocks that she’s got, J.Lo says, “No matter where I wake up…I’m just always right there in the Bronx. I never miss the Bronx because it’s always with me. I guess I’m always going to be Jenny From The Block!” [Us]
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