Christine O'Donnell Tries To Blame Liberal Media For Her Own Ridiculousness


In damage control mode, Christine O’Donnell is cutting off access to the mean press. Hence, this “tightly-controlled” Republican event.

"I put myself on the line, and I’ve taken a lot of hits, a lot of slander, a lot of character assassination," O’Donnell says peevishly in this clip. Referring, presumably, to various allegations of witchcraft, resume-padding, false claims of relationships with prominent clowns, and general absurdity.

Perhaps as a result, O’Donnell’s camp has clamped down on press access — which may explain why CNN is reduced to dramatizing a small misunderstanding on the format of the meeting and portentiously describing the Republican forum as taking place “oddly enough…just two doors down from a Halloween costume shop.”

O’Donnell Complains Of ‘Character Assassination’

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