Christopher Guest Pretends to be Six-Fingered Once in Awhile


Christopher Guest, who was nearly unrecognizable in his role as Count Tyrone Rugen aka the Six-Fingered Man in The Princess Bride, admitted Monday that he occasionally yearns for the days when he was extra-digital.

During a Reddit AMA to promote his new HBO show The Family Tree (mini-review: I’ve only watched two episodes; the first was super slow, but it definitely got better by episode two), Guest said that he owns the six-fingered glove that he wore during The Princess Bride that made it appear as though he had an extra finger, plus the sword and dagger. He also said he “rarely wears” the glove – only “once every five years.”

INT. OFFICE – AFTERNOON: Christopher Guest is in his palatial mansion. He rises out of his mahogany chair and beings to walk around, running his hands along his marble topped desk. He looks out the window at the darkening sky and stops.

CHRISTOPHER: This would really be better with an extra finger.

CUT TO: Christopher walks around the house, cackling slowly as thunderstorms roll in, extra finger in place.



Guest also clarified what happened to everyone’s favorite character from his film Waiting for Guffman (“Corky is actually a member of Obama’s cabinet right now, and doing very, very well. He’s not working in the theater, but has top clearance as a nuclear physicist”) and said that this dance move was totally improvised and took only one take:

The man is a genius.

Screenshot via Staystillreview

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