Coco Dressed For the Blizzard

Coco Dressed For the Blizzard

It’s currently blizzarding in large swathes of the country, and where it is not a blizzard, it’s 60 degrees (which is technically a blizzard in California). As such, the chill dread of late winter has settled over the continent, even though we have errands to run, and snow to shovel, and pictures of the Los Angeles skyline to snap like: “Wow, clouds! They’re so pretty.” But what is there to wear, in times like this?

Thankfully, friend of the blog Coco Austin is out in the cold giving free fashion advice to the masses. “What to do when a Nor’Easter hits for 2 days and 18 inches of snow later… Have fun with your @fashionnova drawer #icequeen”

When it blizzards, the choice of clothing can feel limited. Jackets are a bit bulky and hard to maneuver in—especially if you live near bears and need a quick escape. As such, Coco ditched the frivolities of an outer layer and settled on a fishnet slip. Not only is it more practical to move in, but should one get attacked by a bear, it would have nothing to latch onto—unlike a jacket.

“But what if my pussy gets cold!” I hear them cry out in the distance. Well, that’s why Austin has a thong on. It’s more than enough to do the trick.

Even in the thick of climate disaster and global environmental collapse, there is no excuse to skip the accessories. Bedazzle that thong, maybe, or wear some nice earrings. Coco went the simpler route and wore some nice fur snow-heels. They’re more practical than jewelry anyway, and they compliment the fur hat up top, another nice bit of accessorizing.

Just be wary, though. I heard from a friend that too many pussy jewels might cause chafing when it’s cold out.

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