Cold-Weather Glamour Reigned At National Board Of Review Gala


Last night’s 2008 National Board of Review awards gala at NYC’s Cipriani fell on a chilly night, making Amy Adams’ and Heather Graham‘s triumphs more impressive, and Salma and Anne’s disasters slightly more understandable.

The Good:

Amy Adams can put a dress over like no one else!

I like Eva Amurri‘s nod to the cold with black tights.

Viola Davis looks classically, sexily elegant.

Again, Melissa Leo gets serious points for an actually weather-appropriate gown. And how often in this life does one get to sing, “She wore blue velvet…” in an off-key Isabella Rossellini voice?

Heather Graham works total bombshell.

The Bad:

I’m not saying it’s easy to pull off a “Where the Wild Things Are” costume, but unlike Amy Adams, Anne Hathaway has a bad habit of being worn by her clothes.

I hate, hate, hate the way this bodice cuts across Salma’s chest!

Alina Cho’s basic black looks just fine…and then you hit the bows.

The Ugly:

MaybE Veronica Webb is celebrating her freedom from being a fashion guru on Tim Gunn’s Guide To Style…by looking awful?

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