Congrats to Kim Cattrall on Her New Show!


Kim Cattrall will star as the matriarch of an uber-wealthy Southern family in the aptly-titled Filthy Rich, a new series coming to Fox. The show comes from Tate Taylor, who wrote and directed The Help and is also directed and producer that movie Ma in which Octavia Spencer terrorizes some white teens. I’m a little nervous about at the thought, but cautiously optimistic!

The show is billed as a “Southern gothic dramedy,” and follows the story of Margaret Monroe (played by Cattrall), who finds out her husband, the head of the world’s largest Christian network, had other grown-ass children in the process of going through his will (per TVLine):

When Margaret tries to pay them to scram, the newly legitimized heirs insist on not only staying in town but becoming part of the family empire.

The description of the show gives me The Riches vibes, that short-lived drama in which Minnie Driver and Eddie Izzard play nomadic con artists who infiltrate a wealthy suburb. It was 2007. I loved it!

The hiring news comes just after the Season 1 finale of Cattrall’s other show, CBS’s Tell Me a Story, which reimagines fairy tales with scary, modern twists. I’m loving this pivot to spooky dramas and mild horror for Cattrall, and I hope her colleagues—not naming any names!—will take a hint and stop approaching her with offers she clearly doesn’t want.

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