Congrats to Mary-Kate Olsen on Her Impending Divorce!

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Congrats to Mary-Kate Olsen on Her Impending Divorce!

Back in 2012, Mary-Kate Olsen began dating the taller, less handsome younger brother of then-French president Nicolas Sarkozy, to which the world responded “Huh. O….K!” In 2015, they got married, and the world, again, was like “Sure, girl, if that’s what you’re into,” eyeing her youthful visage against his greying one.

Now, Mary-Kate and Pierre Olivier Sarkozy are getting divorced, and unfortunately, it sounds ugly. According to TMZ, Mary-Kate says her attorneys got an email from Sarkozy’s giving her until May 18 to get her stuff out of their New York apartment, which is obviously not ideal timing:

She claims Pierre is trying to force her out, because he terminated their lease without her knowledge.
She says she’s been asking Pierre to give her until May 30, but claims he hasn’t responded.
In the docs, obtained by TMZ, she says she can’t meet the deadline — this coming Monday — because of quarantine guidelines in the city. Mary-Kate says the only way she can protect her property is if she’s to file a divorce petition. That would trigger an automatic court order preventing him from disposing of her property.

Look, no one wants to get divorced in the middle of a pandemic, but Mary-Kate, if you’re reading this: You will get through this, and after you do, it’s going to be great! We didn’t want to tell you at the time, but none of us thought he was right for you. [TMZ]

Cate Blanchett really wanted to be a bearded dwarf in Lord of the Rings, she told Marc Maron on his podcast:

“There’s not too many chicks in the Tolkien universe. I loved it so much and I did say to Peter and Fran, they were doing a banquet scene with a whole lot of dwarves. I always wanted to play the bearded lady, so I asked them, ‘Could I be your hairy wife woman when you pan across the banquet table of dwarves?’ Of course I couldn’t because the timing shifted. But it takes them forever. For me, Galadriel it was just three weeks.”

Let Cate be your hairy wife woman! [IndieWire]

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