Congrats to This Future Mythical Queen

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An eight-year-old Swedish girl went swimming and found a thousand-year-old sword. Congrats and also condolences to this kid, who must now unite the forces of good against the advancing armies of darkness.

The Local reported:

“It’s not every day that one steps on a sword in the lake!” Mikael Nordström from Jönköpings Läns Museum told The Local when explaining the significance of the find.
But that’s exactly what happened to Saga Vanecek, who found the Viking Age relic at the Vidöstern lake in Småland earlier this summer.
“I felt something in the water and lifted it up. It was a handle, and I told my dad that it looked like a sword!” Saga told Sveriges Radio, recalling the moment. “It was pretty cool and a bit exciting.”

“Why it has come to be there, we don’t know,” said Nordström. “When we searched a couple of weeks ago, we found another prehistoric object; a brooch from around the same period as the sword, so that means – we don’t know yet – but perhaps it’s a place of sacrifice.” Yes, according to the ancient prophetic checklist I am currently scrolling through, pen in hand, that checks out.

Perhaps you think that this is a risky move:

Easily solved: we’re not going to make this kid the head of an everyday civil government, but rather deputize her in the event of the great mythical conflict that we all feel in our bones is coming! There, that’s sorted.

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