Conservative Blogger: Obama Raped Our American Principles


Darleen Click has posted what is possibly the most rage-inducing cartoon you will ever see over at Protein Wisdom. It depicts the aftermath of President Obama’s sexual assault on the Statue of Liberty.

Jill from Feministe posted the image with the question: “why are anti-healthcare conservatives so obsessed with rape metaphors?” Feminist blogs have been asking this question for awhile (including Latoya, who covered it here back in December) and the answer always seems to be the same: they recognize rape as a violent attack on one’s dignity and humanity, and they want to utilize the shock-value to further their cause.

But Click’s contribution to the growing compendium of rape “jokes” is the worst one yet. Obama stands with his back to Liberty, who cries into her hands, and threatens to return with his “friends.” It is disturbing on several levels. It trivializes rape by comparing the passage of new legislation to being traumatically assaulted. And then there is the race issue, which Click addresses in her post:

Oh I know I’m going to get called names on this. But I’m not going to play that game anymore. Like the sign at one of the TEA parties that said “it doesn’t matter what this sign says, you going to call it racist anyway.” When even the lawsuits now being brought by 30 plus state AG’s is considered racist, it is time to stop playing that game…
Heck, I want to shake them up. This is supposed to be a post-racial era? Then deal with the fact that the President of the United States is the head of a gang that just raped our American principles.

She finishes her rant by telling us to “deal, people.” However, if there is ever a time to get righteously angry, this is it. Click attempts to shoot down our anger by preemptively recognizing that she will get called names – names which she has just earned by calling Obama “the head of a gang” that “raped” America. In choosing not to “play the game” of common decency, Click has opened herself up to a flood of criticism. She envisions it coming from the “usual Stockholm-syndrome ‘conservatives,'” but hopefully, it will come from anyone with a shred of sense, be they left or right leaning. Racism isn’t funny, and neither is rape – even when the “woman is green.”

Right-Wing Cartoon Depicts Obama Raping The Statue Of Liberty [Feministe]
Rape Of Liberty [Protein Wisdom]

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