Could You Take A Three-Minute Shower?


The Body Shop would like you to at least give it a shot.

The eco-conscious brand issued an “Earth Lovers Three-Minute Shower Challenge” in honor of yesterday’s celebration of Earth Day:

To help time yourself, the company suggests playing a three-minute song and trying to finish by the end. Or, you could always count to 180 slowly.

Ah, yes. A relaxing shower should ideally involve focused counting and playing “beat the clock” to the tune of a 2:59 minute song. That’s the best part!

In all seriousness, I am well aware of the roughly 70 gallons of water Americans use every time they take a 10-minute shower and yes, that’s an insane amount of water waste.

I’ve always been someone who takes very brief showers (primarily because I always seem to get very, very bored while trying to take one of those ridiculously long, supposedly relaxing showers you always see women taking in the movies), and I think that challenging people to re-evaluate the amount of time they spend in the shower is a terrific idea.

Maybe playing “Let’s pretend you live in a dorm where thirty girls are waiting to use the shower and you’d better hurry up and get out of there!” isn’t the most user-friendly way of getting people to be more eco-conscious, but hey, whatever works.

Could You Cut Your Shower Time Down to Three Minutes?

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