Couple Finds Live Moth Inside KFC Drink

In Depth

I’m pretty sure that didn’t come out of the fountain.

Nicky Hammond and Jordan Laidler of Durham, England, just wanted a nice meal. Unfortunately, they decided to go to KFC, so that was right out. What they didn’t expect was that they’d find a live moth fluttering around in their soda, because no one who isn’t actively hallucinating would actually expect that.

This would be a problem under normal circumstances, but it’s even worse since Hammond apparently is deathly afraid of moths. I know a fear of moths is more common than people realize, but I view it the same as I do a fear of squirrels (another common and kind of perplexing phobia): I shouldn’t judge, but I can’t stop laughing.

There’s some dispute about what happened next: Laidler and Hammond claim they weren’t offered an apology or a refund other than on the cheapest item they ordered, while the KFC claims they did apologize and offered them a full refund (albeit later that evening after Laidler and Hammond called the store).

The funniest part of this is one quote from Laidler:

“They have got our order wrong in the past, but this is going a bit too far.”

I’m just going to go ahead and leave that there.

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