Couple Raises Money on Facebook to Fund Baby Adoption


Sometimes like world is scary, and sometimes it helps you stand tall on the wings of your dreams. Or at least it did something like that for one Louisiana couple.

After finding out they were unable to conceive, Jake and Jessica Hance decided to adopt a baby. Anyone who’s been involved in the adoption process can tell you that it’s an unpredictable journey — and the Hance’s experience was no different. After being wait listed for months, they were unexpectedly told that a baby was available — one that was coming in just a few days. The agency just needed their A-OK (yay!), and $33,000 (ouch).

In desperate need of the quick cash, the couple turned to Facebook and made a page. Help Jake and Jessica Adopt was born, and miraculously, the donations started coming in. In fact, they hit their goal in three days.

In a post to their Facebook page, the couple wrote:

Oh my goodness!! WOW! We have reached the magic number! I don’t know what to say. That was way too generous!! We will never be able to show how grateful we are to y’all! Because of what the Lord has done in you, we will have a Family! How can this be measured? I wish we could see all of y’all right now, and get to hug your necks! Just know she (Eliana Juliet Hance) will be your family too! She will know this amazing story and journey she was apart of even before she was born! May the Lord Bless You More than We Can Imagine for Your Sacrifice and Love for Us!

The couple is home safe and sound with their new baby, and we can all hate Facebook a little less today. Amen.


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