Crappy Drawing the Standard for "Choose Life" License Plates


New Jersey’s the latest state to adopt “Choose Life” license plates, after years of litigation. A group called the Children First Foundation sponsored the plates, as they’ve done elsewhere. Really—those scribble-face kids are the best choose-lifers can do?

America’s art schools graduate thousands of artists every year. Certainly one of them could improve on the default choose-life twosome. Yet the squiggly kids’ modeling portfolio keeps expanding! They’re on the plates in Illinois, Virginia, Florida, Alabama, and many other states. Someone must really be trying to make them famous.

While most states seem to settle for the squiggle kids, a few have opted for better designs. Consider Louisiana’s plate, which is clean and polished:

Yes, that bird looks much more like a pelican than a stork. But still: an improvement.

Massachusetts’ plate features a mom holding her baby (is it just me, or does she look kind of depressed?):

See, there are options. Maybe better graphics would help increase sales—or actually lead to a sale, as the case in New Jersey may be.

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