Critic Calls Obama 'First Female President,' Like That's a Bad Thing


A columnist for conservative yellsite The Daily Caller has called Barack Obama “the first female President” like 1- it’s a bad thing and 2- he came up with the idea. When did casual sexism get so boring?

Columnist Mark Judge cited various dull yet offensive reasons that Obama plays ball like a girl. He didn’t get mad about the terrorisms. He doesn’t adjust his balls in public. He lacks discipline because of something he said in an interview with Barbara Walters? I guess I didn’t know that REAL men get mad and punch things and are scared of having their guns taken away because guns have become avatars for their penises and places upon which to project their castration anxiety. Real men get RAGEY but in a disciplined way. Sorry guys, I got so bored I couldn’t finish it.

The delightfully-named Philip Bump at Atlantic Wire did, though, and he offers his own glorious takedown of the piece, noting that Judge is far from the first person to compare Obama to a woman and then sit back all smug and satisfied. So not only is The Daily Caller’s Mark Judge the sort of guy you’d sign out of GChat to avoid, he’s not even sexist in an original way. What he offers is the Carlos Mencia of gendered insults.

Good sign, though: after Toni Morrison called Bill Clinton “the first black President,” an actual black person was elected President shortly thereafter. Is this a sign that soon, Mark Judge will have an actual female President to insult with tampon jokes Ann Coulter was slinging at the turn of the aughts. Can’t wait.

[Atlantic Wire]

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