Daddy Yankee Reminds Us 'Janet Jackson!' Is 'Iconic!' on Their New Song 'Made For Now'


Not five seconds into their collaborative single, Daddy Yankee kicks off “Made For Now” by giving Janet Jackson’s name the Daddy Yankee treatment. “Janet Jackson!” He yells out. “ICONIC!” If you’re at all familiar with his catalog (it’s great), it sounds similar to the way he calls out his own name, which is by shouting out letters D and Y so fast they sound like one word. (DY!)

From there, “Made For Now” makes less sense to me. The music video zips through New York City streets, slowing down periodically and focusing on people cavorting. Jackson’s vocals are nice, although I can only hear the phrase “Made for now… not tomorrow” so many times before it starts to break down in front of me, like when you stare at a word for too long and don’t recognize the spelling. At one point, Yankee raps in a barber shop. The song really sounds like one extended chorus.

All that aside, it’s either a sign that we’re in a simulation or a gift from on high that Janet Jackson and Daddy Yankee decided to make a song together in 2018. I just can’t tell which one yet. Gonna think about this for a second.

Listen to the song and watch the video above.

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