Dear Sweet Baby Jesus on High in Heaven, It's a NUTELLA BAR


Um, I guess we’re all moving to Chicago in the dead of winter because WTF: our ginger Dionysus, Mario Batali, is opening Eataly Chicago, a 63,000-square-foot super food store, tomorrow and within those 63,000 square feet there will be a GD NUTELLA BAR. Praise Be Unto His Taste Buds and Pocket Book.

Eater Chicago reports that the Nutella bar is a stand-up situation where customers can order various “little snacks” with the chocolate-hazelnut heaven spread on things like crepes and toast. I’m just hoping they can rig me up something vegan, because MAMA’S COMING. (If not, that is cool, too. I’ll just sit there, misty-eyed, licking my chops, and praying for better days.)

[Eater Chicago]

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