Denise Is Fired


It’s not been a great week for conservative opinionist DC McAllister. First, she was shut all the way down by Meghan McCain’s “you were at my wedding Denise….” clapback. And after a hate-fueled night of nonstop tweeting, she’s now been deemed too homophobic for The Federalist, a feat previously believed to be impossible. Let’s have a bit of Sunday schadenfreude, shall we?

It all began with this cubic zirconia of a tweet, in which McAllister forgot for a second that her first duty as a wife is to shut the fuck up and her second is to fetch beer:

HuffPost writer Yashar Ali was among those who pointed out all the wrong in this declaration. Denise promptly flipped her shit, tweeting “A gay men commenting on a heterosexual relationship is just. Sad. Pathetic really” and “I think @yashar has a crush on me. Maybe I’m making him doubt his love of penis.”

And as if to make sure there were no questions as to whether or not she’s an absolute monster, McAllister decided to add one finial flourish to this symphony of awful opinions: “Oh so sad. @yashar is lost. He doesn’t know his purpose as a man. He doesn’t know his purpose as a human being. He doesn’t know his purpose as an Individual. So he wallows and tries to find himself in another man’s asshole. Sad.” Those tweets have since been deleted.

Within hours of the grown woman’s internet tantrum, Ben Domenech, husband to Meghan McCain and publisher of McAllister’s former employer, The Federalist, announced Denise’s cancellation in a tweet of his own that read: “In response to your many inquiries, we’ve spoken and Denise McAllister will not be writing for us at The Federalist any more.”

McAllister herself revealed in another tweet that Ben Shapiro had fired her from The Daily Wire as well. But don’t worry about Denise; she’s real proud of herself for all her deleted Twitter words:

Here’s a truth: Denise has now got much more free time to ferry beer from the fridge to the couch like God intended, so it’s a real door closes, window opens situation.

Update: She’s sorry.

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