Destiny's Child Reunited On Zoom to Watch Kelly Rowland Give Birth

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Destiny's Child Reunited On Zoom to Watch Kelly Rowland Give Birth
Image:Christopher Polk (Getty Images)

Girl, I can tell you’ve been crying and you needing somebody to talk to is probably exactly what Beyoncé was saying when she dialed into the Zoom chat in January to watch Kelly Rowland give birth to her son Noah. Also on the call were Mama Tina and Michelle Williams, likely running through breathing exercises but failing to lend any aid because they were on mute. We’ve all been there.

Rowland told People that she was thrilled to have her family join in via Zoom to watch her son come into the world, which is adorable in theory but now somewhere, a misguided Zoom employee who runs the servers definitely has a recording of Rowland’s birth and will be selling it as an NFT any day now. Other than that frightening possibility, Rowland gushed over how wonderful it was for her “sisters” to take part in this moment and eventually meet baby Noah. “Being able to share space with Michelle and Bey is truly a gift,” she said. We can only imagine! [People]

Victoria Beckham, the woman who made high heels a personality trait, will absolutely not be wearing the lilac Crocs sent to her by Justin Bieber. As part of a marketing stunt, Bieber sent Crocs to the entire Beckham family earlier this week to promote his Drew House line. The Beckham matriarch, who famously doesn’t wear flat shoes for any reason, posted the Crocs on her Instagram with a poll asking if she would be wearing them. For some inexplicable reason, 43 percent of her fans, who clearly don’t know her, voted yes. But Posh Spice will always stay true to herself and posted that she would “rather die but thank you anyway.” Death before dishonor (and Crocs). [Harper’s Bazaar]

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