Disney Hotels Are Replacing 'Do Not Disturb' Signs With 'Room Occupied' Signs


Disney has rolled out a new policy at their three monorail resorts near the Magic Kingdom, eradicating the “Do Not Disturb” sign. You will now be disturbed at least once a day for “guest safety.”

WDW News Today writes that some speculate the change was instituted in response to the mass shooting in Las Vegas. Stephen Paddock opened a barrage of gunfire on a large crowd gathered for a concert below his hotel room, killing 59 and injuring over 500 other people. Paddock checked into his room at the Mandalay Bay resort three days before the shooting; housekeepers said they noticed nothing unusual, but he transported ten bags into the room in those days, filled with his arsenal.

Gun control response in Congress has been basically non-existent, so Disney may be doing what it can to make its properties safer. Perhaps if guests know their rooms will be regularly checked it might prevent a similar attack, which is an extremely grim supposition.

CNN Money reports that Disney did not confirm it was directly related to Las Vegas shooting, but that the measure is based on “safety, security and guest experience” and will likely become the policy at the rest of their hotels.

So, now that you can be disturbed, how do you avoid having someone walk in on you while you’re eating chicken wings in a bathrobe and watching Maury? A simple “Room Occupied” sign is available:

But no guarantees. Disney is following the footsteps of Hilton, who made it a policy in November 2017 that a mandatory check would be imposed on any guests who hang the Do Not Disturb sign for longer than 24 consecutive hours, as have a number of hotels along the Vegas strip. Disney and Hilton care more about your safety than the government does, and they at least knock before invading your privacy.

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