Disney World Reportedly Hides Its Maskless Guests With Some Handy Photoshop

Disney World Reportedly Hides Its Maskless Guests With Some Handy Photoshop
Photo:Octavio Jones / Stringer (Getty Images)

The Orlando Sentinel reports that Walt Disney World has apparently started to digitally insert masks on photos of guests at the park who have removed theirs while on rides (in violation of park policy). Yes, you read that right—there are people who are not only still going to amusement parks while the U.S. is reaching unprecedented numbers of daily deaths as a result of coronavirus, but who are also removing their masks while at those amusement parks.

After reopening during the coronavirus pandemic, Disney World’s policy was to refuse to allow parkgoers to see or purchase photos of themselves on rides if their masks were not being worn properly in the photograph. In fact, PhotoPass photographers in the park are supposedly not allowed to take visitors’ photos unless they are wearing their masks. It seems pretty transparent that the actual purpose of this pathetic policy is not to protect the guests at the park, but to prevent the potential backlash that could ensue with photos of maskless guests at Disney World being released to the public.

A photo from the dinosaur ride at Disney’s Animal Kingdom shows a guest on a ride with an oversized black face mask that appears to be digitally placed on their face.

So there no real repercussions to not wearing your mask properly at Disney World, a theme park where it is impossible to socially distance, where people are constantly removing their masks to eat and drink, and any surface you touch has likely been touched by a minimum of ten other people in the past hour. Cool. Cool. Coooooooool.

There were 3,054 covid-19 related deaths in the United States on Wednesday. Please, I beg of you, wear a fucking mask.

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