Do Not Be Afraid to Accessorize with a Pool Noodle


Becca McCharen-Tran, the visionary designer behind pop star-fave and preeminently inclusive label Chromat, is unafraid of an unconventional accessory. Perhaps you will recall the tubular floaties she attached to her pieces for Fall 2017, or last season’s practical and stylish O-ring embellishments.

With an increasingly upbeat, color-infused enthusiasm, McCharen-Tran is now presenting that backyard staple—the pool noodle—as a fun way to ramp up the ante on your outdoor/indoor autumn look this year. It’ll hold you up in the neighborhood swimming hole, and maybe buoy you just walking down the street. Check out this left look, for instance:

If you happened to slip and fall on the slick poolside tile, why not be protected by the squishy armor of this foam contraption? Prevents skinned elbows and hips, plus looks festive from your first moment at the party. Or, on the right (as modeled on friend to Jezebel and designer Kerin Rose Gold), rip-cord hip stirrups, to both keep up your pants and also provide ample handle material in case some sweet lifeguard needs to rescue you from the water (wink).

Don’t fuck around when you’re fuckin around!

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