Do NYC Pubs Care About This Wedding Business?


Is there any job that requires a blasé, “couldn’t care less” attitude more than that of the bartender? But that doesn’t account for the bartender at British-y restaurants and pubs, which may or may not be obligated to give a shit about Friday’s royal…event.

Enthusiasm was divided; one bartender told us that she took the day off in advance to watch the wedding with her best friend while they drink mimosas in their prom dresses. Of course, there were plenty who couldn’t give a flying fuck if they tried. My personal favorite was the bartender who thought Kate’s last name was “Blanchett,” because you’ve got to hand it to someone who’s distanced themselves from the media’s non-stop coverage far enough to where she has no idea who Kate Middleton is.

Oh, and of course a handful of bars planned on serving authentic British cuisine for the day, while others plan to offer drink specials. One such establishment let us sample their “Kate Middleton” drink. Spoiler alert: it was terrible.

Thanks to editing wizard Matt Toder for putting this video together.

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