Does Your Dog Really Like You, or Is She Just Using You for Treats?


Everyone thinks cats are the ultimate in unloving assholes, but as we dog lovers know, our canine companions can use their wagging tail and dopey mugs to work us into plying them with all the treats in the house.

The key to sussing out your dogs true intentions isn’t to rely on their shaking buttocks, but to instead peer into their souls. Er, eyes. Actually, eyebrows. Specially, the left one.

Using high-speed cameras, the researchers tracked the changes in the faces of dogs in the moments they were reunited with their owners or when meeting a stranger for the first time.
They found that the dogs tended to move their left eyebrow upwards around half a second after seeing their owner.

When they meet someone brand new, dogs move their left ear back slightly. I wonder what they do when they’re lying to customs about whether or not they have fresh Austrian snausages in their carry-on bag. We need an expert face reader on this stat — is the Lie to Me bro versed in dog?


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