Dolly Parton and Doja Cat Are Really Starring in a TikTok Musical About Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza

I'm sorry, but this is something we gotta taco bout.

Dolly Parton and Doja Cat Are Really Starring in a TikTok Musical About Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza
Photo:Amy Sussman; Kevin Winter (Getty Images)

Cue Here You Come Again, because not only is Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza returning to the menu on May 19 but proud TB devotees, Dolly Parton and Doja Cat, are set to star in an exclusive production about the comeback story of the century. And all at once, we’re not living in a complete hellscape!

Today, the fast food chain announced that “Mexican Pizza: The Musical” will make its TikTok premiere at 8 pm on May 26, mere days after the beloved food item is permanently reinstated to the menu following its brief rest in that big bell in the sky. In a press release shared with TODAY Food, Taco Bell described the production as a “satirical musical about the ‘harrowing’ story of those who fought to bring back the Mexican Pizza.”

And fight, folks did. Here’s a brief history: After 35 mouth-watering years, Taco Bell discontinued the beloved Mexican Pizza in November 2020 in an attempt to “streamline” its menu choices. Inevitably, the injustice inspired a petition, which served as the catalyst for a valiant battle against the brand. The petition garnered nearly 200,000 signatures and even inspired everyone from the IBS-afflicted to celebrities—namely Dolly Parton and Doja Cat—to speak out. Repeatedly.

“I made a song about Mexican Pizza because I love it so much. I wish that Taco Bell didn’t discontinue it a year ago. And this led me to this monstrosity of a beat that I just made, and I wrote a verse, and I hope you like it. And if you don’t, I understand,” the rapper said via a recent TikTok.

“I like my pizza with refried beans / Peep my ad / Search YouTube / This ain’t even Mexican food / But I don’t care when the clock hits 2 a.m. / p.m. if that is your mood,” she rapped.

Luckily, Taco Bell took note. According to TODAY Food, the chain tapped Grammy award-winning songwriting duo Abigail Barlow and Emily Bear to write the score—feels like Dolly or Doja could’ve just done it, but ok!—while writer Hannah Friedman wrote the script. Barlow and Bear have since shared a snippet from the musical via Instagram, revealing lyrics like: “You took a slice right out of my heart / Perfect creation right from the start.”

Chances are, it’s going to get pretty cheesy, but here’s hoping it doesn’t also necessitate an extended trip to the toilet.

Now bring back the potato soft taco, you cowards!

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