Donald Trump Swears That 'Shrill' Hillary Clinton Is The Birther, Not Him


Donald Trump’s greatest strength is his ability to allow garbage to fall out of his mouth without batting a single golden lash. I can’t even say my name with so much confidence. It seems like it is great to be a rich idiot.

“I respect women more than I respect men,” he said in a talk at the Greater Charleston Business Alliance in South Carolina on Wednesday. “And I cherish women. Hillary Clinton said, ‘You shouldn’t cherish women,’ I said ‘I do cherish women, I love women. My mother was like the greatest woman I’ve ever met! The greatest! And Hillary, who’s become very shrill, you know the word shrill, she’s become shrill. She was saying, ‘Oh, what I said about Obama…’ In 2008, she was the original birther! She was the one that started that whole thing! Hillary is a birther!”

Wednesday morning, other television idiot Don Lemon asked Clinton if her 2008 campaign was responsible for starting the birther conspiracy to which she replied: “That is so ludicrous, Don. It is totally untrue.”

The birther conspiracy was actually reawakened last week when Trump failed to correct someone who claimed Obama is a Muslim faux-merican.

“The other day, a guy asked me a question and I didn’t give him an answer. I got in trouble because I didn’t give him an answer! They said, ‘This is notchurrible [can anyone hear a word at the 1:00 mark]!’”

Trump didn’t correct the dude, he says, because the room was so packed and he was sweating so much and he is so popular that he didn’t feel like getting in an argument. Haha okay!

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