Donald Trumpkin For President


Donald Trump would be a horrific liability as President because he is so aggressively stupid. But, what if you could vote for Trump’s likeness, but not have to worry about putting his brain in the White House? Would that change your mind?

Ohioan Jeanette Paras spent ten hours creating the “Trumpkin,” a 374 pound pumpkin that bears a stunning resemblance to the joke candidate. Apparently this is a thing Paras has been doing since 1988.

“I just pumpkinize whoever is visible in the media over time,” she said. This one required “six, 38-inch blond wigs.”

CNN reports on past pumpkins:

Last year, she painted a 384-pound pumpkin with the likeness of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Previous years’ pumpkin guests include: Miley Cyrus as a wrecking ball, Phil Robertson from “Duck Dynasty,” Lady Gaga, Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky and many more. ..
The grand pumpkin idea came to Paras and her husband one year after the visited the Circleville Pumpkin Show in central Ohio. The agriculture show kicks off with a weigh-in of the largest pumpkins grown in the area….
What started as caricatures of Mike Dukakis and George Bush transformed into a tradition that Paras hasn’t stopped since.

Apparently the “trumpkin” is not something that Paras can take sole credit for—it actually might be the hottest trend sweeping the nation:

All grotesque in their own ways.

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